The survey is ready!

2016-09-08-18-53-41The Parish Council took delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan survey questionnaires yesterday and these will be delivered to households over the next few days. At the same time an on-line version is now ready and will be available on Monday.

This survey is the result of a lot of work by members of the Neighbourhood Plan team at the Parish Council and Enventure, the research company which is helping it with this work. It will run until 14 Oct 16.

It is hoped to get a few thousand responses. It’s open to residents of all ages and to students and people who visit the community for work or shopping.

There will be a more official announcement about the start of the survey towards the end of the weekend.

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10 (great) walks starting in H&I

walksCedric Forster’s Healthy Walking Group goes out every Friday at 10am (check on Facebook; click here) and gets some really good exercise before lunch. I’m sure they enjoy that extra special as a result.

The walks listed here all start and finish in Histon & Impington and they’re all 3 or 4 miles in length.

Detailed instructions are given in the attached pdfs. I hope they’ll be available as maps. Click on the links below.


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No surprises from the focus groups

focus-groupEnventure, the company which is helping us with the Neighbourhood Plan work has reported on the findings of the focus groups which they ran earlier this month. Click here to see the full report.

These findings are now being used to inform the design of a big consultation which will go to the whole community during September. In addition to a paper questionnaire which will be delivered to every household and business the consultation will also be online and we hope that others who use the community for work, education, shopping and/or leisure will also complete it.

There are no real surprises. There are high levels of satisfaction with life in the Community but concerns about potential over-development and consequent loss of character, about school and surgery capacity, traffic and parking. These themes, and others, will be explored further in the consultation.


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10 (significant) organisations based in H&I

businessesNot many communities mix village character with business and industry as we do in H&I. The legacy of Chivers is still with us of course with the continuing successful operation of what is now Histon Sweet Spreads but it’s also what’s given us Vision Park which employs 2000 people or thereabouts.

Several organisations have their headquarters here, some are discrete whilst some advertise their presence as little more. I’d always suspected that the International Whaling Commission liked to keep a low profile until I saw the whale shaped weathervane atop one of its buildings.

I’ve had to stretch my definition a little perhaps to include the two H&I based multi-academy trusts so as to make up the list of 10. If you know of any other substantial organisations based here let’s identify them and add them to the list.

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10 ‘native’ languages

10 native languagesOne of the Neighbourhood Plan’s cross cutting themes is ‘diverse and inclusive’ but we’re hardly diverse in a visual sense. But if you look a little more closely there’s plenty of people here who bring difference.

As a proxy measure for difference this post looks at ‘native’ language by which I mean what language did you speak at home when you’re growing up.

I’ve very quickly compiled this list of 10 from the people I know. I could easily get it up to 15 plus with a little more consideration. We’ve actually got 5 in Pease Way. I’m sure there are streets in Histon & Impington that would score 10 themselves.

So here’s the fairly simple challenge: how many ‘native’ languages are there in Histon & Impington. The qualifying rules are that you must know the person (it might be you!) and that he or she must live here now. I’m sure we’ll exceed 20 easily but how many more?


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10 creative artists

creative artistsCambridge Open Studios (click here) come round every year in July and there’s generally a good handful of artists from Histon & Impington. This year there’s been a bumper crop with 10 local people displaying their artistic talents.

I know it’s already history but there’s more information about everyone who participated in this year’s event in the catalogue. Click here if you’d like to see a copy.

I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg so please shout if you know of others or if you’ve a creative artist yourself.

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Here’s the answers ….

notable buildings with details

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