Supporting Documents

Supporting documents relating to the plan will be listed here in due course and will be available during the consultation.

The Histon & Impington Big Survey

NP Big Survey Results Presentation

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 2016 – Key Findings Presentation v3

Histon and Impington Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Report


Open Space

NP Open Space sites summary v.1

NP Local-Green-Space-HI framework

11-09-07 Ecology Survey 263EC 002 – Histon.V1

Buxhall Farm map 23_7_2008 DSC_0013-27

Crossing Keeper's Copse image wide

Map of North Buxhall + PX Farms etc-1

NP Northern Buxhall Farm v.1

NP Crossing Keepers Copse v.1

NP Manor Park Field – Histon Wood v.1

Recreation Open Space Study SCambs 2013

NP Rowleys Field and Croft Close v.1

Rowley’s Field and Croft Close set-aside map

Doctor’s Close 0.84Ha

NP Doctors Close v.1

Cawcutt’s Lake site google map

Biodiversity Action Plan and priority species

Feldsted 9.2Ha

NP Feldsted Farm woodland

NP Manor Park Field – Histon Wood v.1

NP Crossing Keepers Copse v.1



Histon & Impington Census 2011

ONS H&I Employment Data 2011

ONS Data – young adults living with parents

Cambridgeshire Population


Histon & Impington Design Guide

design guide


Interesting Buildings

Interesting Buildings Histon

Interesting buildings – Impington

Interesting Buildings Consultee List


Flood Risk




Home Truths – National Housing Federation


National and Local Planning Policy 

South Cambridgeshire Local Plan

National Planning Policy Framework



Sustainable Development evidence base


Histon & Impington History

British History Online – Histon

British History Online – Impington

South Cambridgeshire Village Capacity Study