Reg 16 consultation is now live

local-planStrange that we’ve got another consultation after completing an extensive one last year but that was ours and this one’s South Cambs’. You can regard it as South Cambs checking that we did ours right and that we have reflected what we learnt in the version of the plan which we have now submitted.

Click here  to go to the South Cambs web-site where there is a very comprehensive outline of how the process is going and for easy access to all the detailed documents.

This consultation will now run for 6 weeks then South Cambs will submit the plan (unamended) together with any comments which have been received to an independent examiner. South Cambs has already begun the process of identifying an examiner.


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Been around a bit and still active: some business and local politics; enjoy sport and stay fit despite an over-indulgence in good food and decent wine.
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2 Responses to Reg 16 consultation is now live

  1. Alex Bienek says:

    What is the required turn out and what is the required majority required in order for the referendum result to be valid? These numbers don’t seem to be mentioned anywhere.

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