10 notable buildings: a challenge

notable buildingsIt being the summer holidays with lots of younger people looking for activities it would seem appropriate for this list to stimulate a little activity. It’s hardly PokemonGo but it is a journey into the life of our villages before 1900.

To start click here for a document with photos of each of the buildings. Then see which ones you can identify.

These buildings are all still place. Generally they haven’t changed much but there’s one where the original features are 95% obscured.

Some of the photos are from a long time ago and although the buildings are unchanged the context is different so you have to use a little imagination to work out what they may look like today.

There’s no prizes for identifying the most buildings but feel free to post your best guesses under comments below or on HI People.


About David Jenkins

Been around a bit and still active: some business and local politics; enjoy sport and stay fit despite an over-indulgence in good food and decent wine.
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