10 shops in the High Street

WHigh Street shopsell not exactly the High Street but from Narrow Lane down to The Green. We all know we’ve got a vibrant high street but sometimes we’ve got to reflect on what we’ve got and the extent to which we take advantage of it.

If it’s the only place you can visit to do your necessary shopping you won’t just survive; you’ll do rather well. There are the basics, the middle ground and even some luxuries. You might argue that we’re short of a couple of stores but most of our needs are covered.

We sadly lost the florist recently. I know Tesco Express is not a real substitute but you can buy flowers there. And although people say we need a delicatessen you can still buy some pretty smart food at both Tesco and the Co-Op Foodstore.

There are of course other customer facing businesses in the High Street but they’ll be part other lists. Here’s the detail behind this list.

  • Histon Chop Shop: independant butcher
  • Les Ward: independent greengrocer
  • Tesco Express: convenience store with all that’s good (and bad) about Tesco
  • Barkers Bakery: independant (albeit several Cambridge stores) bakery; also does sandwiches and coffee with a table outside for when you’re waiting for the bus.
  • Lighthouse Toys: independent toy shop. One of Histon’s destination stores.
  • Daisychain: independent gift shop. Another destination store.
  • Well: pharmacy
  • Co-Op Food: convenience store for those who chose not to trade at Tesco!
  • Care & Share: the Salvation Army charity store. There’s nothing wrong with charity stores but it’s good that our high street isn’t swamped with them.
  • Rutland Cycles: cycle shop and another destination store. You can buy a bike for not much more than £100 or you can fork out several thousand £!

Add to this list of course a second Well pharmacy, the Geographer which is a delicatessen as well as a coffee shop, and the Best One and Station Stores convenience stores in Impington and we’ve got an impressive offering. Do we use them as much as we should?



About David Jenkins

Been around a bit and still active: some business and local politics; enjoy sport and stay fit despite an over-indulgence in good food and decent wine.
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1 Response to 10 shops in the High Street

  1. Caroline Child says:

    Regarding your Impington list of shops, don’t forget that The Geographer is a shop and deli, and not just a cafe!

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