10 notable people connected with H&I

notable peopleHere’s the second in our list of H&I ‘lists of 10’. We also showed this list on our stand at the Feast Market last Saturday  and got lots of comment.

Quite naturally many people did not know about some of the notables from deep history. But surprisingly when you look at the list you realise how sparse it is and you’ve got to think that there must be many more people to highlight.

So: if you know of someone, he or she may still be alive of course, please let us know. Click here to download the details of this list.

  • Thomas Brown died 1556. Protestant martyr burnt at Smithfield. Recorded in Fox’s Acts and Monuments.
  • Eliza Woodcock survived being buried in snow for 8 days Jan 1799.
  • Moses Carter 1801-60 the Histon Giant. Big lad, bare knuckle boxer, market gardener and labouring muscle for hire. No pictures survive.
  • Richard Matthews 1796 – 1854 (of Methodist Memorial Chapel) Well-known abolitionist and lawyer who pro bono helped pen much of the legislation confirming the rights of freed slaves. The legislation, legitimising the children of ex-slaves who when slaves had married in church (in the eyes of the church they were married; however, in the eyes of the law, as slaves the marriages were not valid until this legislation was passed), was a major task and probably contributed to his exhaustion and early death. It is believed that there is a portrait of him in the Methodist Church.
  • William Peed lawyer. Owner of Histon Manor until his disappearance circa 1897 to South America. Notorious embezzler and bankrupt who defrauded his clients over a long period doing the equivalent of a ‘Maxwell’ to escape retribution. Many middle class families lost everything. Histon and Impington were particularly badly hit.
  • Charles Tibbit Lack 1873-1932 Member of the Lack engineering family of Cottenham and worked for Chivers and Sons from 1896 until his death. Lived on Cambridge Rd (site of Burroughfields) until the early death of his father in 1912 when he returned to Cottenham to help run the company in tandem with his work for Chivers. He filed Hundreds of patents or ground breaking pumps, fruit cleaning, jam filling, can making and carton making apparatus etc.
  • Professor Sir Rowland Biffen director of University Farm (Burgoynes Manor Farm from 1900-1909). Early crop geneticist. Left to head John Innes research centre. Lived at the Gables Histon High St. Taught William Unwin the new art of hybridisation.
  • Professor Sir Hermann Bondi FRS 1919-2005. A brilliant cosmologist and mathematician Sir Hermann Bondi best known for developing the “steady-state” theory of the universe together with Thomas Gold and Fred Hoyle. Bondi also led a successful career as a science administrator, running the European Space Research Organisation for four years and spending six years as chief scientist to the UK Ministry of Defence. He was latterly master at Churchill College and a resident of Impington (Mill Lane).
  • Professor David Porter was a student at Impington Village College from 1957-62. He then transferred to Cambridgeshire High School for Boys to take his A Levels. He is now an architect, urbanist, writer and educator based primarily in London. He is professor of architecture at the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing and emeritus professor at the Glasgow School of Art having been head of the Mackintosh School of Architecture from 2000-11. From 2011-14, he was adjunct professor in the school of architecture & design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and is currently vice-president Architectural Association in London.
  • Fran Williamson born 1985 para Olympian swimmer. Lived in Parlour Close and went to IVC. Multiple swimming medallist at he Athens Olympics (2004

Other notables include: Alice Dwyer Joyce (village GP and novelist); Morris Thurston (footballer), Lewis Adams (Trade Union leader). Let us know who you know who’s notable and linked to Histon & Impington.


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