It’s now just a waiting game

The examiner did his bit and then we agreed a final version with South Cambs. Click here for the Histon & Impington Neighbourhood Plan ver 4.0.

It is expected that this plan will go to a referendum 6 May 21

Click here to go to the South Cambs website where there is more information.

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We’re in the hands of the examiner

ExaminerFollowing two rounds of questions the examiner seems to have decided that he’s got enough answers and will be shortly visiting the Community incognito as a part of the process towards signing off our plan.

It now looks like we’ll get the examiner’s report this year which would mean that we’ll have to wait until 2020 for a referendum.

All of the relevant documents, including the examiner’s questions and our answers are on the South Cambs website. Click here to access them.

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Village Design Guide

VDGOver recent months and in parallel with the final work on the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) another group in Histon & Impington has been working with South Cambs to develop a Village Design Guide (VDS). This replaces the Design Guide which was a part of version 2.0 of the NP and builds on the concepts already developed.

This is a South Cambs document, it brought in experts in the field and picked up 50% of the cost, and it is now consulting on it. There will be a consultation event at the St Andrew’s Centre on Monday 1 Jul 19 between 4 and 8pm.

Click here to go to the relevant page on South Cambs’ web-site.  Click here if you’d like to directly access a copy of the draft guide. It’s pretty impressive!

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Reg 16 consultation is now live

local-planStrange that we’ve got another consultation after completing an extensive one last year but that was ours and this one’s South Cambs’. You can regard it as South Cambs checking that we did ours right and that we have reflected what we learnt in the version of the plan which we have now submitted.

Click here  to go to the South Cambs web-site where there is a very comprehensive outline of how the process is going and for easy access to all the detailed documents.

This consultation will now run for 6 weeks then South Cambs will submit the plan (unamended) together with any comments which have been received to an independent examiner. South Cambs has already begun the process of identifying an examiner.


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Our plan has been submitted!

DSC03641It seems to have taken forever but we have completed just about all that we can do in terms of developing the Histon & Impington Neighbourhood Plan and we have now submitted version 3.0 to South Cambs. It will now be subject to a final consultation, an examiner’s review and, if all goes well, to a referendum for its acceptance.

Click here to download a copy of the plan. Alternatively go to to access the plan and all the supporting documentation.

If Dropbox link doesn’t work try cutting and pasting into your browser.

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Status update

Following the extensive ‘regulation 14’ consultation program towards the end of last year we have updated the plan to reflect community opinion, to rectify significant omissions and to correct errors. The latest version (ver2.3) we have now submitted to South Cambs for review by its planning officers. Following this we will make any further modifications which they recommend before submitting it for formal review and subsequent examination.We expect this to take place end of May.

If this stage proceeds without any major problem we should then be able to take the plan to referendum soon after the summer break.

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